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Simon McCormack
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Why are ghost experts coming to New Mexico? Which big-time politician is swinging through town? Why did a former UNM president resign from his White House job? And why is a Pokémon card game club in trouble?

1) What is the West Coast Ghost and Paranormal Society coming to investigate?

a. The KiMo Theatre

b. The West Mesa mystery

c. A 180-year-old hotel

d. A house neighbors say is haunted

2) Which politician is touching down in Rio Rancho?

a. Great Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown

b. President Obama

c. China’s President Hu Jintao

d. Queen Sonja of Norway

3) Why did ex-UNM President Louis Caldera resign from his White House position?

a. He finds Obama’s preference for Dijon mustard offensive.

b. He’s being indicted on federal corruption charges.

c. His family demands he spend more time with them.

d. He approved Air Force One to buzz Manhattan for a photo shoot.

4) Why did an Albuquerque Pokémon card group draw criticism?

a. It doesn’t allow people of all ages to play.

b. It charges a large membership fee to join.

c. The group applied for federal funding.

d. The Pokémon craze is sooo over.

Answer Me This


1) C. The owner of the
Old Cuchillo Bar asked the West Coast ghost group to find out what’s causing spooky whispers, items falling off shelves and other strange occurrences on his property. The nonprofit organization investigates supposedly haunted locations and tries to explain the causes of creepy happenings through science and common sense. Group members say they don’t consider themselves ghost hunters but rather ghost debunkers.

2) B.
President Obama will attend a town hall meeting at Rio Rancho High School on Thursday, May 14. Obama plans to discuss his proposal to stop credit card companies from scamming consumers. The meeting begins at 10 a.m.

3) D. Caldera resigned from his post as the director of the White House Military Office because of a
controversial New York City flyover photo-op. A plane used as Air Force One flew close to the New York skyline flanked by two fighter jets during a photo shoot. The incident triggered memories of 9/11 and prompted hundreds of nervous calls to law enforcement from worried spectators in the Big Apple. The flight exercise approved by Caldera cost taxpayers more than $300,000.

4) A. Cherry Hills Library hosts a
weekly Pokémon Card Club where all participants must be between 6-15 years old. The age parameters were set up because when adults were allowed to play, some parents complained their children felt uncomfortable around older people they didn’t know. Complaints about the policy were sent to the Pokémon headquarters in Seattle. Leaders with the company told the Cherry Hill group to include everyone who wants to play. The group declined to follow orders and it’s no longer considered an official Pokémon Card Club.
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