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Marisa Demarco
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Traffic is the worst. What are people stealing from public schools? How many students can claim a diploma after four years of high school? Why are mayoral candidates pissed at the mayor?

1) While construction on this major roadway gets underway, where should you not drive?

a. Anywhere in Albuquerque, really

b. Eastbound I-40

c. Central

d. Montaño

2) Thieves commonly snatch what from Albuquerque Public Schools?

a. Musical instruments

b. Toilets

c. Air conditioners

d. Entire barracks

3) Speaking of Duke City scholastic achievement, what percentage of students graduate high school within four years?

a. 24 percent

b. 4 percent

c. 84 percent

d. 44 percent

4) Mayoral candidates R.J. Berry and Richard Romero got together to slam Mayor Martin Chavez for …

a. Appearing in TV ads

b. Not really loving his dog, Dukes

c. Souring his relationship with the City Council

d. His bold taste in ties

Answer Me This


1. B.
I-40 is once again under construction, and two eastbound lanes have been closed. The New Mexico Department of Transportation is urging harried commuters to stay off the freeway while it’s being repaved.

2. C. With the economy the way it is, people are resorting to
stealing air conditioners from above the sweaty heads of students. That’s according to John Dufay, director of operations at APS. Pumps, motors and copper tubing as well as entire cooling units have been ganked as temperatures rise in Albuquerque. It costs the district about $15,000 a year to replace them.

3. D. Only about
44 percent of APS students graduate within four years, and city leaders are meeting to try to find out why. They’ll be asking students at a summit at the end of the month in an attempt to increase graduation rates. Superintendent Winston Brooks says one solution is to use Albuquerque High’s evening courses as a model for other programs in the district to cater to students who can’t make traditional school hours work.

4. A. Berry, a Republican, and Romero, a Democrat, teamed up for a news conference criticizing the mayor
for appearing in ads paid for by taxpayer dollars. Though they aren’t directly related to a campaign, the mayor’s opposition consider the ads an augmentation of the $328,000 in public financing the candidates received to run for office.
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