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Marisa Demarco
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A flock of New Mexico’s fighter jets is named … . There’s a baby at the Rio Grande Zoo. Why is one veteran frustrated? Which local plant is being studied for cancer-battling properties?

1) The New Mexico Air National Guard’s aging F-16s are called …

a. The Fighting Cacti

b. The Zia Squad

c. The Airborne Roadrunners

d. The Flying Tacos

2) Onlookers watched for an hour as a baby what was born?

a. Lion

b. Human

c. Giraffe

d. Polar bear

3) John M. Garcia, head of the state’s Veteran Services cabinet, says he’s annoyed because …

a. He needs a raise.

b. The significance of Memorial Day is outweighed by an excuse to barbecue.

c. He can’t get his propane grill working properly.

d. State monuments to veterans are in disrepair.

4) New Mexico State University students are studying which native plants to find out if they fight cancer?

a. Big Jim green chile

b. Baileya multiradiata, aka the desert marigold

c. Datura inoxia, which contains healing and hallucinogenic properties

d. A particular strain of marijuana grown in the northern part of the state

Answer Me This


1) D.
The Flying Tacos have been around for 60 years, and now it’s unclear what their future will be. The 1,000-member squad from Kirtland was supposed to head to Holloman Air Force Base in the southern part of the state to occupy the cockpits of F-22 Raptors. But budgetary cuts by the Pentagon mean the pilots will have to figure out something else.

2) C. A 10-year-old
giraffe named Kashka birthed a calf last week while an audience of applauding zoogoers looked on. The birth was an easy one, and zookeepers will leave the mom and baby to bond before introducing the new creature to the rest of the herd.

3) B. Garcia says he’s frustrated that Americans consider Memorial Day the beginning of summer, not a day to remember those who’ve served their country. He fears the "
true meaning of the day has now been lost."

4) C. Work by NMSU graduate students has shown that
Datura and Acacia constricta, which grow in Las Cruces, inhibit some cancer cells. Datura helps fight breast cancer cells, according to Mary O’Connell, a professor of Plant and Environmental Sciences. Acacia may combat skin cancer, she says. The university has teamed up with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle for the project.
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