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Simon McCormack
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Which horse won the Belmont Stakes? Roadside salespeople will no longer be carrying … . Who’s been immortalized by a statue Downtown? And what caused a huge sinkhole?

1) Which horse galloped the fastest at the Belmont Stakes?

a. New Mexico’s Mine That Bird

b. Tall and Sassy

c. Blindy McTooslow

d. Summer Bird

2) What can vendors no longer sell on the side of the road?

a. Piñon

b. Animals

c. Rugs bearing NFL football logos

d. American flags

3) Whose statue was unveiled on Civic Plaza?

a. An Albuquerque mayor

b. A former UNM Lobo and current NBA star

c. The founder of Dixon’s Apple Farm

d. Buckles, a famous rodeo clown from Las Cruces

4) What caused a massive sinkhole?

a. Cockroach infestation

b. Shoddy construction

c. Old infrastructure

d. Bulls on parade

Answer Me This


1) D. Mine That Bird was the favorite going in, but long shot
Summer Bird ran off with first place in the Belmont Stakes. New Mexico’s Mine That Bird won the Kentucky Derby, finished second in the Preakness Stakes and came in third at the Belmont. Those three events make up horse racing’s Triple Crown. No horse has won all three of the Triple Crown since Affirmed did it in 1978.

2) B. New
animal laws took effect Monday, June 8, in Bernalillo County. Among the rules: A ban on the roadside sale of pets. Also out, the breeding of more than one litter without a permit and chaining your animal to a stationary object. Microchipping dog, cats and ferrets is also mandatory.

3) A.
A statue of Harry Kinney, Albuquerque’s first mayor under the city’s current form of government, was unveiled Sunday, June 7, in Civic Plaza. (Henry N. Jaffa was Albuquerque’s first mayor after the city’s incorporation in 1885). The sculpture was fashioned by Reynaldo Sonny River. Kinney was first elected as mayor in 1974 and re-elected in 1981. Kinney was born in Raton, N.M., and died in 2006. His friends, family and former staffers attended the unveiling ceremony presided over by Mayor Martin Chavez.

4) C. A sewer line near 14
th and Roma failed, causing an enormous sinkhole. The sinkhole grew to 15 feet deep. Aging infrastructure is being blamed for the break. Repairs are expected to take between 10 days and three weeks, according to the city’s Water Authority.
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