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Simon McCormack
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Which notable Burqueños spent the night in jail? What spicy food got recalled? How did police find a cyclist’s stolen bikes? And how can you track where federal stimulus dollars are going in Albuquerque?

1) Who did police lock up after a bar fight?

a. A state official and his spokesperson

b. Two Lobo football players

c. A squad of local meteorologists

d. A gang of renowned artists

2) Kroger Co. recalled which edible delight?

a. Green chile biscuits

b. Jalapeño poppers

c. Cajun french fries

d. Chicken wings

3) How were stolen bikes spotted on eBay?

a. The thieves forgot to take the cyclist’s name off the bikes before they put them up for sale.

b. The seller bragged about ganking the bikes in the item description.

c. Fraud monitors at eBay contacted the cycling team that owned the bikes.

d. The person who bought the nicked bikes thought they might be stolen and called police.

4) How can you find out where federal stimulus money is being spent in Albuquerque?

a. By calling 311

b. By contacting your city councilor

c. By combing through public financial records kept in Santa Fe

d. By visiting a city website

Answer Me This Answers

1) B. Head football coach Mike Locksley prohibited all players from going Downtown at night after Lobos Byron Bell and Quintell Solomon were arrested near The Library Bar & Grill. Police records show the football players were taken into custody in the early morning on Sunday, June 14, for engaging in fisticuffs with another man. Both were also charged with disorderly conduct and the use of false identification. Locksley says neither player will engage in any football activity until there’s more information about the incident. At that time, Locksley says, an appropriate punishment will be meted out.

2) D. Kroger Co. has recalled some
store-brand chicken wings because they were labeled incorrectly. The 32-ounce bags of Kroger fully cooked Buffalo-style chicken wings didn’t declare on their packaging that they may contain allergens such as wheat, soy and dairy. Kroger’s foods are sold in several grocery stores throughout the country including Smith’s Food and Drug.

3) A. Before putting two stolen bicycles up for auction on eBay, police say thieves
forgot to take the owner’s name off the bikes. The director of the rider’s cycling team recognized the bikes immediately when he saw them on eBay, and he contacted Albuquerque Police. Officers tracked down two suspects who now face several theft-related charges.

4) D. The
city launched a new website that lets citizens track how federal recovery cash is being spent in Albuquerque. The site,, shows how much money the city’s received from the stimulus and where the cash is going. Every city project spawned by the stimulus will be listed along with a description of what it will do for residents and how many jobs each project creates.
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