Answer Me This: Animal Warnings, Richardson, Classic Western Remake, Chipotle

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1) The state’s Health Department issued a warning in Southeastern New Mexico about which animals?

a. Packs of starving wild dogs

b. The migrating yeti

c. Cold and angry rattlers

d. Rabid skunks

2) Why is ex-Gov. Bill Richardson in hot water again?

a. He’s being accused of settling a sexual harassment case with campaign money.

b. He’s being accused of misspending state funds on personal movie projects.

c. He purchased a house near Cape Cod.

d. He disliked a dinner at the White House and made a joke about it to someone he didn’t realize was Anderson Cooper.

3) Which classic Western will be filming in New Mexico?

a. A Fistful of Dollars

The Lone Ranger



4) Chipotle Mexican Grill, a chain restaurant from Denver, won’t be serving what at its New Mexico location?

a. Tortillas

b. Beans

c. Chile

d. Chipotle sauce

Answer Me This Answers

1) D. Carlsbad and Eddy County at large were warned about rabid skunks, who are biting other animals and spreading the illness. Five dogs had to be euthanized after encounters with the skunks. Seven rabid skunks and one rabid horse have been reported this year.

2) A.
Richardson is under investigation for raising cash to keep a woman quiet about sexual harassment, according to the Albuquerque Journal and the New York Times. No one is talking about the investigation publicly, but people who kicked in cash are said to have testified before a grand jury to avoid prosecution themselves.

3) B. With a November casting call in Shiprock for a movie covertly titled
Silver Bullet, Disney began looking for actors to appear in The Lone Ranger. The film is seeking a young Native American male, as well as extras who are either Native American or Irish. Filming will begin in February, and blogs are speculating it will happen near Shiprock.

4) C. With a line out the door, Chipotle launched its first Albuquerque outpost. But, just as with Taco Bell, diners won’t find New Mexico’s favorite fruit inside its doors—
not red or green.

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