Answer Me This: How Much Do You Know About Last Week?

Margaret Wright
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1) What is an Albuquerque independent review officer being investigated for?

a. Habitual jaywalking

b. Selling counterfeit goods

c. Unpaid parking tickets

d. Unlicensed puppy breeding

2) Who caused a power outage in Las Cruces?

a. Joyriding teens

b. Mayor Ken Miyagishima’s administrative assistant

c. A disgruntled El Paso Electric Company customer

d. An owl

3) What does the DA’s Office plan to begin looking into by February?

a. Complaints about city buses running behind schedule

b. Media publication of mugshots taken at the Bernalillo County Metro Detention Center

c. A backlog of officer-involved shooting cases

d. Luxury carjackings in the Northeast Heights

4) What did a Roswell supermarket employee find in a package of frozen meat?

a. A handgun and ammo

b. A winning lottery ticket

c. A human ear

d. Arnold Schwartzenegger’s driver’s license

Answer Me This: Answers

1) B. TV news reporters investigating the sale of fake NFL jerseys last month captured video of longtime Independent Review Officer Trey Flynt selling counterfeit versions out of the back of his car. Flynt, who’s tasked with police oversight, was placed on administrative leave while an internal probe takes place. In the meantime, reporters from KRQE discovered he was webmaster of a fantasy football website that included an image “making light” of domestic abuse and another of scantily clad young girls with a caption that read, “Sometimes you just want to break the law.” Flynt hasn’t commented on the website, which was shut down.

2) D. Officials with the El Paso Electric Company told the
Las Cruces Sun-News that after an owl touched two live wires on Dec. 11, power was knocked out for about an hour in parts of Las Cruces, Mesilla Park and La Mesa. Schools were among the 5,100 customers affected by the outage.

3) C. Within a week of the Department of Justice announcing that feds have launched an official investigation into possible APD civil rights violations, District Attorney Kari Brandenburg said she would re-open her probe into 10 cases of civilians shot by police officers. Brandenburg says she hasn’t decided whether her office will conduct its own review or if the cases will be referred to investigative grand juries—a process that’s received criticism, since no APD shooting has ever been ruled unjustified.

4) A. One worker at an Albertsons was surprised to open a shipment of frozen ribs from a Swift Packing Plant in Colorado and find an Armory .38 Super semi-automatic and ammunition. Law enforcement is running a trace on the weapon to try to find out how it got there.
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