Answer Me This: The Guv, Marijuana, N.m. Cancer Fighter, Unm Suxxor

Marisa Demarco
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1) Gov. Susana Martinez wants to change what part of the state’s constitution?

a. The law against illegal search and seizure

b. The law that makes Lt. Gov. John Sanchez the governor when she’s out of state

c. The right to bear arms

d. The right to wear a bolo tie to black-tie events

2) The chief of the state’s medical marijuana program …

a. Is speaking out in favor of drug policy reform

b. Got caught rolling a leño

c. Resigned

d. Is authoring legislation to allow more nonprofit growers into the system

3) Which local item is being used in the fight against cancer?

a. Rattlesnake venom

b. Don Schrader’s hair follicles

c. The noonday sun

d. Green chile

4) How many students think UNM sucks?

a. Only a handful

b. About a quarter

c. Half

d. All of them

Answer Me This Answers

1) B. When the guv is outside of New Mexico, Lt. Gov. John Sanchez takes her place as head of state. Martinez says this rule is archaic. Her family lives in El Paso, and she visits them regularly, she says. But she’s not the governor when she crosses the state border. These days, she says, modern technology keeps her in the loop, so there’s no need for the law. The Legislature would have to approve a change to the state constitution, as well as the voters.

2) C. Dominick Zurlo is
stepping down from his post as the head of the state’s medical cannabis program. He put in his notice weeks ago, though he won’t explain why. His last day is Nov. 28. Scott Darnell, the guv’s spokesperson, says the Health Department was told to administer the program according to state law. He adds that Martinez’ priorities are education and jobs. She spoke against New Mexico’s medical marijuana laws while running for office, but it wasn’t a priority for her during the last legislative session.

3) A.
Western diamondback rattlers from the Land of Enchantment are being shipped to Kentucky, where they will be milked of their venom. Scientists in France will pull a protein out of freeze-dried venom with the hope that it may fight cancer.

4) B.
About a fourth of UNM students are dissatisfied with their university. Among their frustrations: class availability and distance from the administration. At other colleges around the state, more students are pleased. New Mexico State, Eastern and Highlands, for example, have satisfaction rates higher than 95 percent.
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