Answer Me This: The Guv, Op Curb Side, Fire Danger And The Er

Marisa Demarco
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1) Gov. Susana Martinez’ administration yanked support for which program last week?

a. Unemployment

b. Alternative energy development

c. Mexican gray wolf preservation

d. Bolo tie enhancement

2) Operation Curb Side is:

a. A chain of military-themed lemonade stands

b. The Albuquerque Police Department’s prostitution sting

c. APD’s amped-up summertime DWI checkpoints

d. Mayor Richard Berry’s recycling program

3) What’s on Albuquerque’s list of Open Space fire restrictions?

a. Campfires

b. Spark-emitting equipment

c. Fireworks

d. All of the above

4) An Española man brought what to the ER?

a. A sick puppy

b. An injured homeless man

c. A doll

d. A decomposing body

Answer Me This Answers

1) C. On Thursday, June 9, the New Mexico Game Commission voted to stop assisting a federal program that aims to reintroduce Mexican gray wolves. Gov. Martinez appointed four of six members to that board. Midcentury government trapping made the wolves nearly extinct. Ranchers said the move showed support for rural industry.

2) B. Undercover officers are posing as
sex workers on Albuquerque streets to bust Johns looking for a good time. One such officer suggested prostitution is among the most prevalent crimes in the city. Operation Curb Side will last through the summer.

3) D. With fires raging around the state, crews outside the city are occupied and would be unable to help Albuquerque should anything ignite. That fact plus the drought prompted Fire Chief James Breen to issue extreme fire danger restrictions in Open Space. A complete list of what’s banned and affected areas is available on the
city’s website.

4) D. Police estimate the woman had been dead for more than 24 hours when she was brought to the
emergency room. The man who took her there asked ER workers to help his sick friend, but the smell indicated she had not been alive for a while.
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