Answer Me This: The Smeller, Gary Johnson, Rail Runner, Stunning

Marisa Demarco
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1) A specialized dog that just moved to New Mexico can sniff out what?

a. Bombs

b. Drugs

c. Wigs

d. Bed bugs

2) Who did former Gov. Gary Johnson debate on Fox News?

a. An actor playing President Obama

b. Obama

c. Rep. Ron Paul

d. Himself

3) What will cease on the weekends in August?

a. Zoo entry

b. Growers’ markets

c. Fun

d. Rail Runner service

4) A Sandoval County deputy stun-gunned a teen at a mesa party after she did what?

a. Spit on him

b. Cursed at him and refused to drop her purse

c. Attacked him with brass knuckles

d. Pepper-sprayed him

Answer Me This Answers

1) D. A black Lab has been brought to the state by a pest control businessman who swears the dog can sniff out bed bugs. The dog was trained in the same Texas school where canines are taught to work for law enforcement agencies around the nation.

2) A. Johnson wasn’t allowed into the CNN Republican primary debate in New Hampshire. He didn’t have support from 2 percent of voters nationwide, explained the newspaper that also sponsored the debate. The ex-guv’s campaign adviser protested. Earlier this month, Johnson verbally sparred with an
actor playing the president instead.

3) D. The Rio Metro board chose to ax
weekend trains sometime in August to cope with a budget shortfall. About $1.2 million in federal money allocated yearly to the Rail Runner is about to run out. It’s more important to preserve the workday commuter service, the board said, than entertainment and tourism.

4) B. The 16-year-old girl cursed at the officer and retrieved her bag after being ordered to drop it, according to raw footage that appeared on TV news last week. The video then shows the officer using his
stun gun on her. He resigned the following day after five years with the department.
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