Answer Me This: The Week In Massage Parlors, Apd Cadets, Trash Pickup And Candy

Marisa Demarco
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1) How are police discovering massage parlors that offer customers more bang for their buck?

a. By getting a massage and then asking for the "special"

b. By following known Johns into the establishments

c. Facebook


2) The Albuquerque Police Department is looking to hire officers who are:

a. Skilled bow-hunters

b. Trained in mixed martial arts

c. Compassionate problem-solvers

d. Younger

3) The city used what to catch garbage truck drivers slacking off while on duty?

a. GPS tracking devices

b. Hidden cameras

c. Spies posted in houses on certain routes

d. Interrogation

4) Harming kids through Halloween candy—razors, poison, etc.—is:

a. Totally fake. It’s an urban legend.

b. Real. It happened this year in Santa Fe.

c. Likely in haunted neighborhoods

d. Unlikely near holy places

Answer Me This Answers

1) D. This website makes things easy for Johns and police alike by mapping out where one can get a less-than-legal rubdown. It also evaluates sections of the masseuse’s body, prices and how far the illegal activities go.

2) C. After public outrage over the high number of officer-involved shootings in Albuquerque, APD
changed its recruiting practices. Police Chief Ray Schultz says the latest batch of cadets consists of less aggressive, less confrontational people who can de-escalate situations. The department also sought people 25 and older.

3) A. The Solid Waste Management Department installed
tracking devices in every truck to make routes more efficient. But bosses also discovered drivers using the vehicles for personal errands, heading home for hours at a time and running side businesses, the department says.

4) B. Upon inspecting his loot, a teen found a
razor blade in his peanut butter cup, according to Santa Fe police. Officers don’t think it was a trick. There was a tiny slit on one side of the package, according to the teen.
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