Answer Me This: The Week In Trash, Swimming, Arizona And Marriage

Marisa Demarco
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1) Land Commissioner Ray Powell is concerned about what kind of trash that was dumped on state land?

a. Zoo animal carcasses

b. Tires

c. Teeth

d. Expired pharmaceuticals

2) Why was swimming banned at Bottomless Lakes State Park at the end of July?

a. Too deep

b. Lake shark

c. Oil spill

d. Fish deaths

3) The Arizona state government is asking for donations to do what?

a. Build a fence along its border with Mexico

b. Build a fence along its border with New Mexico

c. Pay down its debt

d. Hire clowns to inject fun into the next legislative session

4) What percentage of Burqueños ages 15 and up are married?

a. 4 percent

b. 14 percent

c. 47 percent

d. 99.9999 percent (especially when you’re looking for a date)

Answer Me This Answers

1) B. Hundreds of thousands of old tires were left on land outside of Wagon Mound. Powell says they were dumped illegally, and the man accused of doing it may have made nearly $700,000 off the enterprise. Before he left office at the end of 2010, ex-Land Commissioner Pat Lyons rubber-stamped a small erosion-prevention project that included the use of some tires.

2) D.
Fish floated to the surface and washed ashore on Friday, July 29. Lifeguards have begun cleaning up the carcasses, and park officials estimate there were nearly 1,500 dead sunfish in the lake. As of press time, no one is sure why they died, but they’ve ruled out golden algae and pesticides because other breeds of fish are still alive.

3) A. Through a website,, Arizona is seeking cash to
erect a fence across its border with Mexico. State Sen. Steve Smith is looking for about $50 million for the project. So far, Arizona has raised more than $100,000.

4) C.
Nearly half of the people who are 15 or older are married, according to the latest Census. About 15 percent are divorced or separated, 5 percent have been widowed, and nearly 33 percent have never tied the knot.
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