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Marisa Demarco
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The news just keeps on coming. Some days you pay attention. Some days you don’t. Look here in every Alibi to refresh your memory about what’s going on in your community. Don’t worry if you don’t know all the answers—there’s a cheat sheet at the end.

1) Critics raised concerns about Gov. Bill Richardson using the word maricon , a Spanish slur for gay men, on Don Imus’ show how long ago?

a. Last week

b. Last month

c. Last year

d. Richardson never said that

2) Santa Fe Mayor David Cross wants the city’s minimum wage to rise by only 30 cents on Jan. 1 next year instead of a dollar. A $1 increase in the state capitol’s minimum would make the wage:

a. $9.50

b. $8.25

c. $10.50

d. Still not enough to live in Santa Fe.

3) Attorney General Gary King’s focus during his six months in office has been:

a. Public health concerns, duh

b. Rooting out governmental corruption

c. Relaxing on the state’s dime

d. Smacking down payday lending

4) Mayor Kevin Jackson of Rio Rancho is being called out by the City Council, which alleges Jackson:

a. Charged more than $5,000 on a city credit card for concerts, food and other entertainment.

b. Didn’t show up to work.

c. Supports a Christian-based abstinence-only sex education and anti-evolution instruction in Rio Rancho public schools.

d. All of the above

e. Both a and b

Answer Me This


1) C. Gov. Richardson used the word a year ago in response to Imus’ joking charge that one of the governor’s staffers said he’s "not really Hispanic." Sounds like a particularly poignant and relevant conversation.

2) C. With a $1 increase, Santa Fe’s minimum wage would be $10.50. Even at $9.50, the current rate, the City Different requires the highest minimum for public and private sectors in the nation.

3) B. King is being heralded for his seemingly unbiased look at state corruption, including: putting Land Commissioner Pat Lyons under the microscope on a land-lease deal; scrutinizing a $3 million budget shortfall in the Secretary of State’s Office; putting the hurt on the state’s housing authority.

4) E. Mayor Jackson is in trouble for allegedly mishandling the city credit card and for not fulfilling his mayoral duties. He was elected due in large part to his support of Christian-flavored public education.
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