Council Watch: And ... Fight!

Council Watch: And ... Fight!

Carolyn Carlson
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And ... Fight!
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Sometimes the most interesting happenings at Albuquerque City Council meetings are not on the agenda. This was certainly the case at the Wednesday, Jan. 21 meeting when Councilor Michael Cadigan took on the mayor’s men over the contentious red-light cameras.

But first, as part of the regular agenda, the Council managed to pass the much-debated retrofitting of the city’s high-flow water fixtures. It seems there are about 1,086 greedy toilets, 281 inefficient urinals and another 1,600 or so inefficient sinks, showers and water fountains left to switch out. The city has already replaced more than 1,500 fixtures. An amendment to the measure gave the city until 2014 to do the job. This will cost more than $2.1 million before any rebates are returned to the city. It is up to the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority to extend the rebate deadline that expires at the end of 2009. Chief Administrative Officer Ed
Adams estimated that with the rebate, the city would save a few hundred thousand dollars.

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