Council Watch: Burning The Almost-Midnight Oil

Carolyn Carlson
1 min read
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Two wheels were missing during the Monday, Feb. 2, meeting, but the Albuquerque City Council plowed ahead without Councilors Michael Cadigan and Sally Mayer, who were excused. The Council sent the city administration a message to provide proof that the red-light camera program is effective. The resolution says within 60 days the administration will deliver all available information supporting or refuting the claim that the cameras prevent accidents and save lives.

The meeting worked its way past 10:30 p.m., with the Council deferring much of its business until future meetings. A whopping 52-item
consent agenda was passed, giving approval (or at least a nod) to grants, appointments and reports on various goals, such as longer library hours, improving roadway pavement markings and increasing attendance at city film festivals.

The City Council approved $14 million in bonds for the renovation of the old
Memorial Hospital on Central at I-25. The developer plans on turning the building, rumored to be filled with ghosts, into a hotel.

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