Council Watch: Cash For Firefighters, Stat

Carolyn Carlson
1 min read
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It is always a pleasure to see firefighters at a City Council meeting. At the Wednesday, Jan. 20 meeting about a dozen spoke in support of adding a paramedic to Station 8, which is near Tramway and Indian School. The station is one of the busiest in the city, and emergency critical intervention (such as airway intubation) requires a paramedic.

The firefighters said people are dying unnecessarily because there is no funding for even one paramedic at the station. If paramedics are needed, they have to come from miles away, and often, firefighters said, it is too late. Councilors did not take any action on this but did listen intently when they heard people were dying.

The Council approved a resolution saying more kids should go outside and play instead of sitting inside hunched over electronic devices. According to the resolution, children today spend up to eight hours a day plugged in, versus 20 years ago when kids spent the same amount of time playing and interacting with the outside world and other kids.

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