Council Watch: Cops And Bikers

Carolyn Carlson
1 min read
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After a month’s vacation, the City Council looked gloomy on Monday, Aug. 3, facing an agenda that was impossible to complete. The house was packed with motorcyclists and more police than usual. The Council tried to address the most pressing and dated items and deferred what it could. The extra cops did not have to tangle with the biker folks but instead were called upon to escort out a woman who spoke against the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. She got a little upset when her allotted speaking time was up.

The Council approved a $75,000 grant to the police department to fight DWI via roadblocks and other saturation patrols and blitzes. It also approved looking into another funding source for the congested Paseo del Norte and I-25 interchange. The city has to pony up $20 million to apply for a $300 million grant that comes from federal stimulus money.

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