Council Watch: Copwatch, Millions Flow, Volcano Cliffs

Carolyn Carlson
2 min read
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Early February’s cold snap left Albuquerque in a state of disaster, according to a resolution passed by the City Council at its Wednesday, Feb. 23 meeting. The measure will allow Mayor Richard Berry to request aid from state and federal agencies in covering costs. Water pipes burst, causing extensive damage to public and private property. The city’s tab is more than $1 million in overtime and damage to buildings.

Several members from the
c ity’s Copwatch attended the meeting to make an appeal about Albuquerque Police Department policies. Adriann Barboa, director of Young Women United, outlined the group’s requests, which include: an end to race- and class-based profiling; no more shoot-to-kill; mandatory crisis intervention training for all officers; a youth voice on the city’s Police Oversight Commission; and more authority for the commission so it can fire and discipline officers.

City Attorney Rob Perry was unanimously approved to switch desks and become chief administrative officer in light of David Campbell’s coming March departure. The administration will launch a search for a new city attorney.

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