Council Watch: Easing Back In

Laura Sanchez
1 min read
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City Councilors returned Monday, Aug. 4, from a month’s vacation. A presentation from the Albuquerque Ethics Coalition recommended improving the ethical behavior of city personnel with training based on underlying values, rather than relying on a code “buried in rules and regulations.”

Councilor Debbie O’Malley sponsored a bill to study creating a regional city-county redevelopment authority. The body would provide continuing support for large redevelopment projects regardless of changing political administrations. While several councilors were concerned about adding another level of bureaucracy, all supported forming a study group.

After months of sound and fury, Councilor Ken Sanchez’ bill bringing Albuquerque’s red-light camera program in line with state law and limiting speeding fines to $75 passed unanimously with little discussion.

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