Council Watch: No One Expects The Inquisition

Carolyn Carlson
2 min read
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Councilors slid through a hefty agenda at the Monday, June 18 meeting, the last before the July recess. In general business, bean counters said city revenue is down a little for the second month in a row. Councilor Rey Garduño commended event planners for the June 16 Centennial Summerfest, saying it was a huge success.

Then the meeting took a tense turn. Garduño called Police Chief Ray Schultz to the podium to ask him if it is standard operating procedure to target tourists, search their cars and call in the feds to seize their money.
That’s what happened in 2010 when two African-American men were stopped in Albuquerque for not signaling a lane change and had $17,000 taken from them.

Schultz stumbled along answering questions about the pending lawsuit until Chief Administrative Officer Rob Perry took over and told Garduño that he did not feel comfortable with the line of questioning, “I don’t think an inquisition in front of this body is the best approach to take,” Perry clipped. In an unusual move, Schultz and other police brass left prior to public comments that are often aimed at the chief and police department.

Council Watch:

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