Council Watch: Public Art, No-Bid Contracts, Budget Woes

Carolyn Carlson
1 min read
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The Council clicked its way through business at the Monday, Jan. 4 meeting. New Councilors Michael Cook and Dan Lewis are still keeping pretty quiet but are starting to ask questions and express opinions.

Ten million dollars in
Industrial Revenue Bonds was approved for SUMCO Phoenix, a silicon chip company. The chip-slicing business chose New Mexico in a national competitive process. The city’s economic development staff said SUMCO choosing the city’s north side industrial area shows Albuquerque is a top choice for business.

Residents living in the
Sawmill area will soon see traffic relief after councilors approved about $300,000 for Mill Pond Road, giving this neighborhood of about 600 houses a second entrance/exit. The neighborhood has only one egress for emergency vehicles.

Councilors also approved a study group to take a look at all the traffic calming ideas available and how they could be used in Albuquerque. If you have ideas for your neighborhood, give
your city councilor a call and get involved.

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