Council Watch: The Arena, Monopines, Recycling

Marisa Demarco
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Middleman in the Recycling Bin
(Rex Barron)
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Is the city looking to hire private contractors to handle some of its recycling? Councilor Michael Cadigan wants to know. He started the Monday, Nov. 17 meeting by questioning Chief Operating Officer Ed Adams about the administration’s plans. Adams said the city’s sorting facility is at maximum capacity, and the option’s on the table. Cadigan said it would be better for the city to make money off recycling without going through a middleman. Farming the work to private companies, said Councilor Rey Garduño, sounds like privatization to him. Cadigan said he hoped the Council would be included in such a decision before the city signed what would have to be a big contract.

Similarly, Cadigan wanted to know what was going on with the “hole in the ground” outside the Balloon Museum. Adams said it was really more of a depression and could be turned into an amphitheater but that discussion was preliminary. Councilor Debbie O’Malley said she would like the Council to be kept in the loop before anything is constructed.

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