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August March
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Crib Notes
(Robert Maestas)
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1) A local fast-food restaurant chain called ____________________ that spent the past 24 years contracting by closing locations, is set to expand again with plans to open a second location in Rio Rancho.

a) Goody’s Coffee Shop

b) Sweetwater’s Café

c) Mac’s Steak in the Rough

d) The New Chinatown

2) New Mexico State Attorney General Hector Balderas publicly criticized the ___________________________ for its handling of an investigation of Bernalillo County District Attorney Kari Brandenberg.

a) Federal Bureau of Investigation

b) Ministry of Love

c) Albuquerque Police Department

d) Ministerium für Staatssicherheit

3) An Albuquerque woman posed as a _______________________, entered a local Home Depot and proceeded to steal $1,000 in merchandise.

a) Sad-eyed circus clown

b) Firefighter

c) Gelatinous alien entity

d) Giant crawfish

4) In a move designed to reduce automobile traffic in the city, you can now rent a ____________________ in 13 locations throughout Burque.

a) Bicycle

b) Hoverboard

c) Horse

d) Segway

5) Despite a plateful of unfinished legislative business, Gov. Susana Martinez says she has no intention of calling for _____________________________this year.

a) Martial law

b) The Red Hour

c) A chicken in every pot

d) A special session of the legislature


1) C. Open in one form or another for nearly 67 years, Mac’s Steak in the Rough is set to begin a new stage of expansion after years of only offering their unique menu at one location on Menaul.

2) C. In a summary of his own investigation of the matter, Balderas said APD’s decision “raises questions” about the department’s motivations.

3) B. Ashley Smith allegedly misrepresented herself as a Santa Fe firefighter while stealing stuff from Home Depot.

4) A. Bike-sharing company Zagster is now offering its services in the city!

5) D. Although a huge capital improvements bill and tax reform efforts remain on the legislative agenda, La Tejana said no to a special session this year.
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