Crib Notes: April 30, 2015

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Crib Notes: April 30, 2015
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1) UFC champion Jon Jones is being sought for questioning by the Albuquerque Police Department for his alleged involvement in a __________________ that happened this past Sunday morning.

a) Hit-and-run accident

b) Illegal head butt

c) Tag-team tournament

d) Dog fight

2) On Saturday, April 25, Los Angeles Times correspondent Nigel Duara reported on a serious conflict between the Bernalillo County District Attorney’s Office and ________________.

a) Public Defender’s Office

b) Criminals everywhere

c) APD

d) American Civil Liberties Union

3) Starting last Friday and continuing through the weekend, it ___________ here in Albuquerque.

a) Got really hot

b) Snowed four inches

c) Poured with rain

d) Was really foggy

4) Travel + Leisure has ranked Albuquerque Number 9 on its new list of the __________________ cities in America.

a) Meanest

b) Ugliest

c) Sweetest

d) Friendliest

5) The New Mexico Democratic State Central Committee has chosen _____________________ as the new chair of the state’s biggest political party.

a) Sam Bregman

b) Kari Brandenburg

c) Debra Haaland

d) David Gomez


1) A. After a local woman’s car was hit by another vehicle and the offender fled, APD announced they were seeking Jones for questioning in the incident.

2) C. Duara’s analysis takes a deeper look at the conflicts between the District Attorney’s Office and APD in our fine city.

3) C. The clouds rolled in on Friday. It rained most of the weekend in the Duke City with some of the strongest storms arriving on Sunday.

4) D. According to a recent survey, Albuquerque is the ninth friendliest city in the United States; we’re friendlier than Austin, but the Big Easy has us beat.

5) C. Haaland succeeds Bregman as state party chair, starting her two-year term as the first Native American to hold this esteemed political position.
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