Crib Notes: Aug. 21, 2014

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Crib Notes: Aug. 21, 2014
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1) A New Mexico woman admitted to UNM Hospital is being tested for which disease-causing virus?

a) Solanum

b) Ebola

c) T4 Angel virus

d) Xenovirus Takis-A

2) La Tejana Susana is maintaining a “comfortable lead” over her democratic opponent in the race for New Mexico Governor. Who is her opponent?

a) Gary King

b) Manuel Lujan

c) Heather Wilson

d) Hillary Clinton

3) A recently released convict who stands accused of robbing a 94-year-old Burqueño _______________ while in the man’s home.

a) Ate cookies

b) Masturbated

c) Showered and shaved

d) Prayed for absolution

4) An Albuquerque family has filed a lawsuit against the DEA claiming that a federal informant ________________ their son.

a) Arrested

b) Harassed

c) Killed

d) Sold drugs to

5) A high-powered corporate representative of ________________ is scheduled to speak here next week about Burque’s retail and real estate markets.

a) Gap

b) Levi Strauss & Co.

c) Eclipse Aviation

d) Gray Matter Technologies


1) B. A New Mexico woman who recently traveled to Sierra Leone is being tested for the Ebola virus at UNM Hospital.

2) A. Governor Martinez’ opponent is current New Mexico Attorney General Gary King.

3) C. According to the criminal complaint, 43-year-old Rudy Chavez showered and shaved, later stealing a car and television after his encounter with local Glen Miller.

4) C. Edward Quintana has been named in a $50 million lawsuit by Jason Estrada’s family that alleges problems with the DEA’s use and handling of informants.

5) A. Steve Rouman of Gap will be in town to speak at a commercial real estate convention.
Crib Notes: Aug. 21, 2014

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