Crib Notes: Aug. 6, 2015

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Crib Notes: Aug. 6, 2015
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1) Last week federal officials admitted that plans to resume operations at New Mexico’s _________________________ in March 2016 will likely see further delays.

a) Spaceport

b) Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

c) Nuclear Weapons Laboratory

d) Experimental Particle Accelerator

2) Officials at the Albuquerque BioPark asked patrons to go to the zoo’s Facebook page to suggest names for a baby ___________________ born in June.

a) yeti

b) gargantua

c) phoenix

d) giraffe

3) City councilor Ken Sanchez is behind a bill that would set and enforce a strict curfew for certain _____________________ residing in Albuquerque.

a) vampires

b) lycanthropes

c) extraterrestrials

d) teenagers

4) It rained so hard in central New Mexico last weekend that flash floods caused disruption of ___________________ service between Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

a) Rail Runner

b) Transporter

c) Stage Coach

d) Zeppelin

5) On Tuesday, Aug. 4, Albuquerque Isotopes pitcher Jon Gray got another chance in the majors. He pitched for the Colorado Rockies when they took on league rivals the ________________________.

a) Seattle Mariners

b) Los Angeles Dodgers

c) San Diego Padres

d) Arizona Diamondbacks


1) B. Unanticipated issues will cause operations at WIPP to be delayed past the March 2016 restart date. This coming fall, federal officials will announce a new schedule for reopening the radioactive dump.

2) D. Facebook naming activities for the new baby giraffe ended on Tuesday. A decision is expected sometime this week.

3) D. Due to a recent rise in teen-on-teen violence in the city, Sanchez wants to see a curfew in place for those under the age of 17 .

4) A. During the first weekend in August, Rail Runner service was suspended because of watery weather north of Algodones.

5) A. The Rockies moved the right-hander, who rocked a 3.17 ERA with the Isotopes, up to Denver to face the Mariners.
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