Crib Notes: August 13, 2015

August March
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Flying monkey
(Robert Maestas)
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1) Last Saturday, a trio of men stole a ___________________ worth over $3,200 from a local music store.

a) Trumpet

b) Grand Piano

c) Electric Guitar

d) Bassoon

2) This weekend, the city of Rio Rancho is hosting a __________________ festival.

a) Witness Protection Program

b) Suburban Bedroom Community

c) Eastcoaster’s

d) Garlic

3) Research ________________ housed at Burque’s Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute escaped from their cages at least six times last year.

a) Dragons

b) Monkees

c) Monkeys

d) Beatles

4) Late last week, Albuquerque Public Schools placed its _______________ on paid leave for undisclosed reasons.

a) Superintendent

b) Chief Financial Officer

c) Press Spokesperson

d) Head Playground Monitor

5) As reported in last week’s edition of Crib Notes, the ABQ BioPark asked patrons to suggest names for a baby giraffe through Facebook. Which of the following suggestions was not garnered through the social media process?

a) Kumi

b) Julian

c) Upendo

d) Necky


1) A. News reports say a trio of thieves entered Baum’s Music on Eubank and made off with a very expensive trumpet.

2) D. Idalia Road Marketplace will be hosting the fourth annual “Stinking Rose Garlic Fest” on August 15 and 16.

3) C. US Department of Agriculture officials said the rhesus macaques escaped but were safely recaptured on at least six occasions last year.

4) B. The CFO at APS, Don Moya, was placed on paid administrative leave on Friday. APS spokesperson Johanna King gave no reason for the action.

5) D. Necky isn’t even a real word, dude. Five names were chosen from hundreds of entries. The names that made it into the final round were considered by zoo officials this past weekend; a decision will be announced early next week.
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