Crib Notes: August 20, 2015

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Crib Notes: August 20, 2015
(Robert Maestas)
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1) According to a study done by Sports Business Journal, Albuquerque ranks number 166 among cities with a ________________________.

) Nuclear Weapons Research Facility

b) Minor League sports team

c) Violent Youth Culture

D) Propensity for “Monster” Trucks

District 3 City Councilor Klarissa Peña wants improvements to Burque’s public transit system to include __________________________.

a) Free soft drinks or coffee for riders

b) On-board television and video games

c) More “streetscaping” along busy bus routes

d) More comfortable bus stops

3) A man from Macon, Georgia was recently busted at the local transit hub. He was charged with and pled guilty to _______________________.

) Being a Southerner

b) Trafficking cocaine

c) Looking out the train window for jackalopes

d) Traveling to Texas on an expired passport

4) The suspension of Albuquerque Public Schools’ Chief Financial Officer is _____________________ according to sources at the school district.

a) A big mistake

b) An internal matter

c) A soul-crippling happenstance

d) The result of poor planning and sloppy oversight

5) A Bloomfield, New Mexico nursing home is suing Attorney General-elect _________________ over alleged violations of the state’s public records laws.

a) Hector Balderas

b) Gary King

c) Harold Runnels

d) Kari Brandenburg


1) B. Because the study used factors like civic economic ranking to make it’s list, Albuquerque and its Isotopes are near the bottom of the field.

2) C. Residents want to see visual and environmental improvements including more greenery and lighting around bus routes, says Peña.

3)B. Willie Collier was intercepted in Albuquerque, carrying more than 13 pounds of Peruvian marching powder. He pled guilty and will be sentenced to at least 60 months in prison for the crime.

4) B. The battle at APS is an internal matter, says IT entrepreneur Raminder Mann, who is also, apparently, involved in the fracas.

5) A. Bloomfied Nursing Operations LLC is suing Balderas for allegedly denying the company access to documents related nursing home operations in New Mexico.
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