Crib Notes: August 27, 2015

August March
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1) New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas has decided to initiate a formal review of the latest scandal plaguing Albuquerque Public Schools Superintendent ______________________.

) Brad Allison

b) Luis Valentino

c) Joseph Vigil

d) Brad Winter

2) This past weekend ___________________________ was issued for the Albuquerque area.

a) an air quality alert

b) an air raid alert

c) a civil summons

d) a warning about deadly toads raining from the sky

3) A sign in downtown Burque made news and became popular on the interwebz because of its ___________________ badly behaving locals.

a) praise of

b) callousness towards

c) admonitions to

d) funny depictions of

4) Three local residents were exposed to _________________ acid while working at a semi-conductor manufacturing plant on Research Road SE.

a) Sulfuric

b) Carbonic

c) Lysergic

d) Nitric

5) A protest this past Saturday involved local members of Protest ABQ. The local anti-abortion group was taking a stand against ___________________.

a) NM Planned Parenthood

b) University of New Mexico Regents

c) the Superintendent of Albuquerque Public Schools

d) willfully ignorant local weathermen


1) B. Balderas has decided to initiate a formal review of a matter which directly involves the new superintendent, Luis Valentino. Valentino allegedly knew that a former employee, now facing sex charges in Colorado, had skipped out on his required background check.

2) A. An air quality alert was issued for the Albuqerque area this past weekend after strong winds blew in smoke from wildfires in the Pacific Northwest.

3) C. The sign admonishes passers-by by stating “No puking, pissing, panhandling or perversion.”

4) D. Fire crews responded to a situation where workers at the industrial plant were exposed to the deadly chemical Nitric acid.

5) A. Planned Parenthood, the national organization and its Albuquerque affiliate, were the targets of protest for a group which is strictly anti-abortion and pro-life.
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