Crib Notes: Dec. 11, 2014

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Crib Notes: Dec. 11, 2014
( Chris Potter )
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1) Which Albuquerque official is being investigated for allegedly bribing witnesses?

a) District Attorney Kari Brandenburg

b) Police Chief Gorden Eden

c) Mayor Richard J. Berry

d) Chief Administrative Officer Rob Perry

2) This week, Mexican national Jose Antonio Ramirez Serrano was moved out of the intensive care unit at UNM Hospital. He had surgery at UNMH recently to remove _____________________.

a) A malfunctioning eyeball

b) A bad tooth

c) A watermelon-sized tumor

d) His right hand

3) Albuquerque Business First has a new assistant editor. His name is ________________________.

a) Howard Bryan

b) Mike English

c) P.J. O’Rourke

d) Hunter S. Thompson

4) There is ____________________ on First Street in Albuquerque, just south of the Alvarado Transportation Center.

a) A wonderfully erudite restaurant

b) A beautiful new public sculpture

c) An alien spacecraft disguised as a fancy mansion

d) A homeless camp

5) After the violent death of a Tasmanian devil in October, the Albuquerque BioPark is using _____________________ to prevent further mishaps at the zoo.

a) Security cameras

b) Android guards programmed to crush intruders

c) Guard dogs

d) Hungry lions roaming the zoo after closing time


1) A. Brandenburg is being investigated for alleged crimes committed on behalf of her son.

2) C. Serrano is improving after having a massive tumor removed by UNMH doctors.

3) B. Mike English is the new assistant editor at ABQ Business First.

4) D. There is a homeless camp near the rail yards. You can see it when you cross over them via Coal Avenue.

5) A. The officials at ABQ BioPark hope security cameras will prevent further incidents.
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