Crib Notes: Dec. 12, 2013

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Crib Notes: Dec. 12, 2013
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1) Last week, Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry attended a conference in Washington, DC. What was the purpose of this meeting?

a) To come up with a plan to erase “Breaking Bad” from the national consciousness.

b) To brainstorm ideas for improving the manufacturing sector in US cities.

c) To provide information to city leaders interested in the forthcoming singularity.

d) To discuss the formal addition of green chile to the presidential diet.

2) Which New Mexico-based photographer continues to garner press for a schtick that involves applying copious amounts of scotch tape to his subjects?

a) Patrick Nagatani

b) Ansel Adams

c) Wes Naman

d) Joel-Peter Witkin

3) Following an end to his legal troubles, former UNM President F. Chris Garcia wants to be able to return to campus. What position(s) did Garcia hold at UNM in addition to being president?

a) Professor of political science

b) Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences

c) Distinguished professor of human sexuality

d) A and B

4) What sort of local business is the latest to accept Bitcoin?

a) An automated cronut dispensary in EDo

b) A Westside jetpack dealer

c) A veterinary clinic in Northeast Heights

d) A Downtown memory-implant center

5) Last week, the Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education voted against a proposal that would have sanctioned an opt-out contingency for what controversial district-wide phenomena?

a) Standardized testing

b) All-you-can-eat cafeterias

c) Social indoctrination

d) Prayer meetings


1) B.
Berry participated in a White House summit focused on improving urban manufacturing opportunities countrywide.

2) C.
Wes Naman is still getting plenty of mileage from his Scotch Tape Series.

3) D.
Garcia held a number of honored positions at New Mexico’s flagship university, including professor and dean.

4) C. VetCo, a local animal clinic, now
accepts Bitcoin.

5) A. The board of Albuquerque’s expansive
school district voted 5-2 to reject a proposal to send testing opt-out notices and sample letters to local parents.
Crib Notes: Dec. 12, 2013

“Respect the chemistry.”

Sony Pictures Television

Crib Notes: Dec. 12, 2013

Photographer Ansel Adams


Crib Notes: Dec. 12, 2013

UNM Scholes Hall


Crib Notes: Dec. 12, 2013

Douglas Quaid at Rekall

Lionsgate Entertainment

Crib Notes: Dec. 12, 2013

Disneyland employee cafeteria circa July 1961


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