Crib Notes: Dec. 4, 2014

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Crib Notes: Dec. 4, 2014
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1) Which APD employee was fired for insubordination and untruthfulness on Monday, Dec. 1?

a) Detective Keith Sandy

b) Officer Jeremy Dear

c) Detective Brett Lampiris-Tremba

d) Chief Gorden Eden

2) A bookkeeper at an Albuquerque publication was recently accused of embezzling more than $200,000 from her employer. Where was she employed?

The Albuquerque Tribune

The Health City Sun

Albuquerque the Magazine

Route 66 Magazine

3) A new transloading facility being built in southeast Burque will provide more jobs and service for what type of freight industry?

a) Transcontinental trucking

b) Transoceanic cargo services

c) Transgalactic transporter services

d) Coast-to-coast rail shipping

4) Incumbent state land commissioner Ray Powell has petitioned the courts to halt a mandated, automatic recount of his recent election bid against Republican Aubrey Dunn because _________________.

a) He’s sick of partisan shenanigans.

b) He alleges that the State Canvassing Board has violated election laws.

c) He wants to give the other fellow a chance.

d) Because … politics.

5) Which local pizzeria will get naming rights to the fabulous University of New Mexico Pit after committing to a $5 million, 10-year donation plan to the school’s athletics program?

a) WisePies

b) Godfather’s

c) Giovanni’s

d) Da Vinci’s


1) B. Officer Jeremy Dear, who shot and killed teenager Mary Hawkes back in April of this year, has been given the sack.

2) C. Bonnie Burchell, formerly of Albuquerque the Magazine, now faces a felony charge of embezzlement in connection with her former duties at the publication.

3) D. The new freight operations will improve shipping and services for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway freight system.

4) B. Powell, who is only .14 percent behind vote-wise, says there were irregularities in the recount process.

5) A. The new name of the fabled Pit will be WisePies Arena.
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