Crib Notes: Feb. 19, 2015

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Crib Notes: Feb. 19, 2015
( Paul Sableman )
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1) Redevelopment plans for the _______________ were submitted to the City last month, but the documents will remain confidential until mid-March when the Albuquerque Development Commission reviews them.

a) Route 66 Motor Hotel

b) UNM Football Stadium

c) De Anza Motor Lodge

d) Downtown Entertainment Corridor

2) Neighbors adjacent to a new homeless camp, as well as the property owner of the empty lot in the ________________ neighborhood where the latest tent city Camp Faith was set up, complained they were not consulted before the homeless were told to stay there by representatives of a local social coalition.

a) Barales

b) Barelas

c) Arroyo del Oso

d) Sandia Heights

3) This past weekend, an APD officer was arrested for _______________.

a) Child abuse

b) Excessive donut-eating

c) Failure to yield

d) Domestic violence

4) Albuquerque often emerges at the bottom of many “Best of” lists, but the city was recently ranked in the Top Five for ______________.

a) Petty criminals

b) Marijuana prices

c) Commuters

d) Transdimensional entities

5) Graduation rates at area high schools ______________ over the past year.

a) Declined

b) Increased

c) Stayed the same

d) Fluctuated randomly


1) C. The policy to keep competitive bids secret during the negotiation process is part of a state law aimed at promoting fairness in business transactions.

2) B. Representatives of the Barelas Community Coalition apologized for their actions, which were not previously approved by residents or the owner of the new site, The Sawmill Community Land Trust.

3) A. Officer Skyler McClaskey was taken into custody early Saturday morning after meeting with officials about the disciplinary methods he used on his stepson.

4) C. A study done by a nationally prominent self-storage and moving company lists Burque as Number Five in regards to its commuter-friendliness. The study cites low gas prices and short roundtrip travel times as a defining aspect of our town’s mobile prominence.

5) A. Graduation rates fell at local high schools in 2014. Albuquerque Public Schools officials point to truancy as one potential cause for the drop in graduates.
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