Crib Notes: Jan. 29, 2015

August March
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Crib Notes: Jan. 29, 2015
( Bureau of Land Management )
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1) On the evening of Saturday, Jan. 24, two inexperienced hikers were rescued near ___________________.

a) Cedro Peak Observatory

b) Sandia Peak

c) Petroglyph National Park

d) El Malpais

2) If you are homeless and live in a tent near the Rail Yards with other disenfranchised Burqueños, prepare to be ___________________.

a) Offered affordable housing options by a benevolent City government

b) Evicted

c) Arrested

d) B and C

3) Last week the United States Department of Justice named a monitor to oversee reforms at the Albuquerque Police Department. The new monitor is ____________________.

a) Leto Atreides

b) Vladimir Harkonnen

c) Dr. James R. Ginger

d) Dr. Liet-Kynes

4) The Two Eagles balloon carrying Albuquerque balloonist Troy Bradley and Russian teammate Leonid Tiukhtyaev launched last week in an attempt at crossing ____________________.

a) The Pacific Ocean

b) The Atlantic Ocean

c) Antarctica

d) The northern hemisphere of Arrakis, known to be inhabited by huge, dangerous sandworms

5) An Albuquerque restaurant that served ________________ closed recently.

a) Haggis

b) Texas-style chili

c) Fresh-caught seafood

d) Chicago-style pizza


1) B. The inexperienced outdoor enthusiasts were trapped near the top of the treacherous Sandia Mountains on the infamous La Luz trail.

2) D. Members of local law enforcement discovered a plethora of criminal activities occurring amid the economically driven squalor and desperation at the tent city; they have decided to clear the place out so that prosperous folks might enjoy the decaying rail yard behind Berrytown.

3) C. Dr. Ginger has previously served as a DOJ monitor in police brutality hotspots like Pittsburgh, Pa., Los Angeles and New Jersey.

4) A. As of this writing, Bradley, Tiukhtyaev and their lofty balloon are making their way across the Pacific Ocean.

5) D. After opening this summer in a former strip joint on San Mateo, Rosati’s Pizza, which featured the legendary Chicago-style pie, closed in mid January.
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