Crib Notes: July 16, 2015

August March
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Space Kitties
(Robert Maestas)
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1) New Mexico artists’ collaborative Meow Wolf has successfully transitioned into ______________________.

a) a postmodern monstrosity

b) a millennial self-esteem party

c) a profit-making business

d) an animated sculpture that wets itself

2) The US Department of Commerce reports that several New Mexico cities are on the upswing with regards to ________________ revenue.

a) export

b) import

c) criminal

d) crowd-funded

3) Local musician Steve “Marimba” Chavez has some interesting ideas to make Burque more interesting for citizens and tourists. These fantastic ideas include:

a) having a giant breakfast burrito available at the eastern edge of the city, so folks traveling through won’t ever go hungry

b) installing a 2.7-mile zip line parallel to the Sandia Peak Tramway

c) playing recordings by the world’s foremost marimba artists 24/7 at the Sunport

d) banning vibraphones from use by music groups inside the city limits

4) Two cats from _______________ were recently found living in the Duke City, much to the surprise of their owner.

a) Venus

b) Poughkeepsie

c) Somewhere in Indiana

d) Belen

5) The Grey Lady reports that realtors in Albuquerque are selling a home for nearly $800,000. The joint includes “brick floors, rounded kiva fireplaces and exposed log ceiling beams” as well as ______________________.

a) a ritual orgy room

b) a very large metal safe

c) a cheerful view of the impoverished surrounding neighborhood

d) granite countertops and stainless-steel appliances


1) C. After successfully participating in last year’s Creative Startups business incubator, the art group now supports 65 professional positions at a 30,000 square foot campus.

2) A. The export business is growing in the Land of Enchantment, particularly in towns like Las Cruces, Farmington and Santa Fe.

3) B. Chavez is a man with big ideas. A founder of the legendary New Mexican Marimba Band, he also dreams of a pier along the Rio Grande.

4) C. Felines Leroy and Mayah are thankfully on their way back home to the Hoosier State thanks to the efforts of folks at the Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network.

5) D. The property south of Downtown sits on two acres. It’s irrigated and also features a small orchard and an entryway painted with images of saints.
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