Crib Notes: July 2, 2015

August March
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1) The conviction rate for DWI offenses in Bernalillo County fell over the past year. One of the reasons for this downturn was ______________________.

a) Police officers’ failure to appear in court

b) Fewer drunks on the road

c) Lost documents

d) Ineffective prosecutors

Recently, a group of men allegedly invaded a CVS Pharmacy and __________________________.

a) Kidnapped the manager

b) Threw bottles of liquor at workers and store patrons

c) Opened a portal to another universe in the foot care aisle

d) Menaced customers with broadswords and sea-shanties

______________________ are no longer allowed inside the Walmart on San Mateo and Zuni.

a) Orcs and ring-wraiths

b) Clothes

c) Backpacks and large bags

d) Crazy people

Legislation introduced by New Mexico Representative Steve Pearce would take the _________________________ off the endangered species list.

a) Mexican gray wolf

b) Deadly Black Widow spider

c) Ghost of Billy the Kid

d) Screaming butterfly

Home foreclosures in the metro area are ______________________.

a) Practically nonexistent

b) Being deliberately manipulated by entities from Venus

c) Above the national average

d) One of the reasons it’s so difficult to purchase a home in Burque


1) A. According to the Bernalillo County District Attorney’s Office, many DWI cases were dismissed because the law enforcement officers involved did not show up for court.

2) B. Police report that two individuals entered the CVS Pharmacy on Coors and Montaño and proceeded to unleash chaos, throwing liquor bottles at workers and patrons in the process.

3) C. Due to an upsurge in alleged shoplifting cases at the supercenter, backpacks and large bags, including purses, are no longer allowed in the shopping facility.

4) A. HR 2910, introduced to Congress last week, would remove federal protective status for the Mexican gray wolf and end the reintroduction program that is part of that status.

5) C. Although foreclosure rates in the Duke City have declined this year, they are still slightly above the national average.
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