Crib Notes: July 24, 2014

August March
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Crib Notes: July 24, 2014
( Walt Stoneburner )
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1) This past Wednesday, monsoon rainfall in town _________________.

a) Turned into fairy dust as it hit the ground

b) Was merely the collective fantasy of our very thirsty population

c) Broke an 80-year-old record

d) Was part of a Sandia National Labs experiment

2) Last week, Mayor Richard Berry said fixing Burque’s economy is __________________.

a) Not possible

b) Not rocket science

c) Dependent on our robot overlords

d) Vaguely possible, given outcomes in places like Detroit

3) What longtime ABQ newscaster is planning to sign off and retire on July 31?

a) Dick Knipfing

b) Linda Thorne

c) Gordon Sanders

d) Hartsell Cribb

4) The Martinez administration has decided to scale back changes to what state program?

a) The clinical crack cocaine co-op

b) The psychedelics experimentation service

c) The cold beer tasting project

d) The medical marijuana program

5) This year marks the University of New Mexico’s __________ anniversary.

a) 2000th

b) 250th

c) 7th

d) 125th


1) C. Rainfall in the city on Wednesday, July 16, broke an 80-year-old record.

2) B. At last week’s Reinventing Our City Event, Mayor Berry said, “We need to invest in people, and we need to invest in place. This is not rocket science.”

3) A. After 51 years in the broadcast journalism business, Dick Knipfing is planning to retire at the end of the month.

4) D. After resistance from growers and users, the administration of La Tejana is scaling back proposed changes to the State’s medical marijuana program.

5) D. 2014 is our flagship university’s 125th year of service.
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