Crib Notes: July 3, 2014

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Crib Notes: July 3, 2014
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1) It was so hot in Burque on Saturday, June 28, that some local biciclistas held an event where participants _____________.

a) Carried around portable swamp coolers

b) Stayed in until well after sunset

c) Rode around town in various stages of undress

d) Actually followed traffic laws

2) Attendance at UNM Lobos basketball games is _____________.

a) Often shameful and degrading

b) A last-ditch effort at normalcy

c) Proof of the nobility of college sports

d) Ranked #16 in the nation

2) What sort of concerns have led to the closure of forests in the Sandia and Manzano Mountains?

a) The danger of fire, due to an ongoing drought

b) Reports of an extraterrestrial presence in the hills

c) Very hungry bears and mountain lions

d) “Shadows of the trees, witnessing the wild breeze”

4) The opening production of this summer season at the world-famous Santa Fe Opera is ______________________.

Carmen by Bizet

Fidelio by Ludwig van Beethoven

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen by Huang Ruo

Nixon in China by John Adams

5) What city organization is currently being sued for wrongful death?

a) The Albuquerque Police Department

b) The Ministry of Truth

c) The Ministry of Love

d) The Ministry of Plenty


1) C. The “Less Clothes, More Fun” bike event was held on Saturday and began at the UNM Duck Pond.

2) D. Average attendance at the Pit for Lobo Basketball games was recently ranked in the top 20 among college B-ball programs nationwide, according to the NCAA.

3) A. The drought-related fire danger means nearby forests will be closed until further notice.

4) A. Carmen opened SFO’s 2014 season on June 27.

5) A. Last week the family of James Boyd, who was killed by APD in March 2014, filed a wrongful death suit against the City and APD in State District Court.
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