Crib Notes: July 30, 2015

August March
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1) A neighborhood on Burque’s Westside is battling aggressive ____________________.

a) mutants

b) bees

c) gang members

d) door-to-door salesmen

2) There is a local group in town with a stated goal of spreading ________________ among Burque’s citizens.

a) a message of universal peace

b) chaos

c) happiness

d) the word of Satan

3) Bernalillo County Sherriff’s deputies rescued _____________________ from a hot car recently.

a) 27 devils

b) 15 bunny rabbits

c) a tired old goat with a tire around its neck

d) six dogs

4) In August there will be a ______________________ festival held in Albuquerque.

a) UFO

b) nuclear weapons

c) “Breaking Bad”

d) mac and cheese

5) ______________________ in shopping center parking lots have increased in Albuquerque in recent months, say local police officials.

a) Tailgate parties

b) Make-out sessions

c) Strong arm robberies

d) Karaoke contests


1) B. Aggressive bees have become a problem in part of the Ventana Ranch neighborhood, causing the neighborhood association there to demand their removal.

2) C. The “Happiness Sprinkling Project” is committed to getting more of the Duke City’s residents to smile like they really mean it.

3) D. As a result of allegedly leaving six dogs in her car, Teresa Fernandez has been charged with six counts of animal cruelty. The dogs are safe and now in custody of city officials.

4) D. The Mac & Cheese Festival is coming to the Albuquerque Balloon Museum on Aug. 22!

5) C. A disturbing new crime is trending in the city. Strong-arm robberies are on the increase at shopping centers around town.
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