Crib Notes: June 11,2015

August March
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1) This weekend a man was recorded on video _____________________ at a city park.

a) Brandishing a gun

b) Having a picnic

c) Walking his dog

d) Checking out Burque’s natural beauty

2) City Councilor Isaac Benton has introduced legislation which, if passed, will result in tighter regulations for Albuquerque’s ____________________.

a) Fire Department

b) Parking Services Division

c) Food trucks

d) Tattoo parlors

3) An employee at a local Smith’s Food and Drug Store was recently let go because of his ____________________________.

a) Natty dreds

b) Long, painted nails

c) Body piercings

d) Shenanigans in the produce department

Last week four steers escaped their enclosure in a rural part of the county. One of them ______________________ a passerby who tried to avoid them.

a) Licked

b) Ate

c) Trampled

d) Frightened

5) Albuquerque Isotope Kyle Parker hit a game-winning ___________________ this past weekend as our Triple-A baseball squad bested the Salt Lake City Bees 6-5.

a) Home run

b) Stand-up double

c) Touchdown

d) Free throw


1) A. Xavier Amaya allegedly pulled out a gun during a dispute. He is also accused of using the gun to intimidate and beat other patrons of Bullhead Memorial Park on Saturday, June 6.

2) C. Benton’s proposed ordinance would require food trucks that are parked on city streets to move after four hours and stay 100 feet away from established brick and mortar food establishments.

3) B. Dominic Lopez was allegedly given the sack at a Westside Smiths for wearing bright pink, artificial nails.

4) C. A loose steer, cornered by Bernalillo County officials, ended its run for freedom by trampling a woman who was standing nearby.

5) A. Parker, who recently came down from Isotopes farm team the Colorado Rockies, hit a homer on a first pitch, changing the dynamic of the game and putting the Isotopes ahead in the top of the 10th inning.
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