Crib Notes: June 18, 2015

August March
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1) After 14 years in Albuquerque, which restaurant recently called it quits in the Duke City?

a) The Soda Straw

b) TGI Fridays

c) Fat Humphrey’s

d) Seagull Street

A family from Rio Rancho was featured on the teevee reality show _______________________.

a) “The Briefcase”

b) “Candid Camera”

c) “The Real World”

d) “Who’s Your Daddy?”

3) A native of Clovis, N.M.—who was nicknamed Bubba—was employed as a gunner for the US Department of Agriculture. He was tragically killed while hunting ______________ for the federal government on June 5 in the northeastern part of the state.

a) Aliens

b) Coyotes

c) El chupacabra

d) Democrats

4) An aerial drone flying at Burque’s Summerfest this past weekend _____________________.

a) Spied on unsuspecting citizens

b) Provided information and data to the Municipal Ministry of Love

c) Was actually a device of extraterrestrial origin

d) Crashed and hit a spectator

5) A local man located his father using the social media website _______________________.

a) LiveJournal

b) Myspace

c) Xanga

d) Facebook


1) B. After many years of serving stuffed potato skins, huge hamburgers, icy cold beverages and the like to city residents, TGI Fridays recently closed their Westside location forever.

2) A. A family named the Moyas—who hail from Rio Rancho—was featured on the CBS reality show on Wednesday.

3) B. Shannon Tunnell, 33, died in a plane crash near Raton, N.M., on June 5. He was hunting coyotes that are considered a threat to livestock in the area.

4) D. During the latest Summerfest celebration, a drone piloted by an amateur flyer crashed and accidentally interfaced with a member of the crowd of celebrants.

5) D. After years of searching, Hannibal Sanchez finally found his biological father through Facebook.
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