Crib Notes: June 25, 2015

August March
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1) Officials at the ABQ BioPark are considering caging the _________________, one of which attacked a child last month.

a) Grey seals

b) Huge crocodiles

c) Ice cream vendors

d) Beautiful peacocks

2) The amount of materials the city of Albuquerque and its citizens _______________________ has doubled in the past few years.

a) Recycles

b) Feeds to stray coyotes

c) Flushes down the commode

d) Sends hurling off into the vastness of space

3) A portable water slide set up on the edge of town this weekend faced numerable problems including _________________________.

a) Lack of water

b) Long lines

c) High weekend temperatures

d) All of the above

4) Two Albuquerque city councilors introduced legislation last week aimed at _________________________.

a) Instituting a “fair” workweek

b) Driving hippies off their communes in the Northeast Heights

c) Making really hot breakfast burritos illegal

d) Admonishing the mayor for “whatever”

5) The Albuquerque Isotopes lost to the Tacoma Rainiers on Sunday. The Rainiers’ victory at Isotopes Stadium was helped along by a game-winning ________________ by Rainier Carlos Rivero.

a) Three pointer

b) Field goal

c) Sticky wicket

d) Home run


1) D. The zoo is considering locking up the peacocks after a boy was recently pecked by one of the birds.

2) A. Overall, Burque’s recycling program has been a success, says a spokesperson for our city’s Solid Waste Management Department.

3) D. Though the urban water slide seemed like a good idea, it ran into several problems when finally manifested this past weekend.

4) A. The bill, sponsored by Councilman Isaac Benton, provides for better scheduling and treatment of workers by employers.

5) D. The Rainiers beat the Isotopes when Rivero homered in the top of the eighth inning. Our hometown, triple A team did not respond in the bottom of the eighth or the ninth, leading to a victory for the visitors.
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