Crib Notes: June 26, 2014

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Crib Notes: June 26, 2014
( Robert Couse-Baker )
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1) An audit by a federal agency says the Albuquerque VA Hospital falsified _______________.

a) A patient’s prognosis

b) Wait times for patient appointments

c) Doctor’s credentials

d) The quality of hospital food

2) The Bernalillo County Commission is considering setting aside over $1 million to provide _________________.

a) Better golf courses

b) Bike trails throughout unincorporated areas around town

c) Shelter for inmates recently released from MDC

d) A chicken in every pot

3) An Albuquerque man pleaded guilty to distributing ________________.

a) Crack cocaine

b) Dried frog pills

c) Comanapracil

d) Ephemerol

4) Which member of SCOTUS will be speaking at a conference in Santa Fe in August?

a) Elena Kagan

b) Sonia M. Sotomayor

c) Samuel A. Alito Jr.

d) Ruth Bader Ginsburg

5) The Pacific Coast League pitcher of the week is Carlos Frias. Frias has a 5.10 ERA in 10 starts and plays for the:

a) Fresno Grizzlies

b) Round Rock Express

c) Nashville Sounds

d) Albuquerque Isotopes


1) B. An internal audit revealed that over the past decade, wait times were falsified and manipulated.

2) C. The measure to provide shelter for newly released inmates struggling with mental illness was reviewed by the commission on Tuesday.

3) A. Sam Eylicio Jr. pled guilty to distributing crack cocaine in Albuquerque and Santa Fe during 2012 and 2013.

4) D. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is scheduled to be in the City Different on Aug. 15. She will speak at the Women’s International Study Center.

5) D. Frias plays for the Isotopes.
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