Crib Notes: June 4, 2015

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Crib Notes: June 4, 2015
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1) An invoice from the Department of Justice to the city of Albuquerque indicates that Federal Monitor James Ginger charged around _________________ for his services so far.

a) $4,000 per day

b) $600 per day

c) $5,000 per week

d) $100 per month

2) On Monday, June 1, the Albuquerque City Council considered revisions to the rules governing how the _____________ will be chosen by this municipality.

a) The chief of staff

b) The mayor

c) The Department of Justice monitor

d) The chief of police and fire chief

3) Proponents of the Santolina Development west of Burque have recently detailed the _____________________ underlying the plan.

a) Air pollution standards

b) Job creation goals

c) Commuter traffic problems

d) Water use impact

4) Local boxer Holly Holm has been selected to appear in a remake of the Brad Pitt film _________________________.

a) Seven Years in Tibet

b) True Romance

c) Fight Club

d) Fury

5) Ex-Lobo hoops standout Hugh Greenwood just signed a 3-year contract with ______________________.

a) The Los Angeles Lakers

b) The Albuquerque Aztecs

c) The New Mexico Thunderbirds

d) The Perth (Australia) Wildcats


1) A. Ginger’s first bill amounts to over $350,000 for services rendered to the city since April 2015.

2) D. On Monday the council held a meeting to determine whether or not Mayor Berry’s selections for such high-ranking positions should require the approval of the council in addition to Berry’s approval of candidates.

3) B. A recent draft agreement of the proposal focuses on the job creation goals to be seen if the development goes through.

4) C. Filming will begin in August for the film called Fight Valley, featuring Albuquerque fighter Holly Holm.

5) D. Greenwood has been signed by Australian pro team the Perth Wildcats and also hopes to play for the Australian basketball team in the 2016 Olympic Games.
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