Crib Notes: March 12, 2015

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Crib Notes: March 12, 2015
(Simon Menner)
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1) Students at an Albuquerque high school have decided on a theme for this year’s prom. It’s all about _______________.

a) The glory of high school sports

b) Marijuana legalization

c) Communism

d) Obeying one’s parents and becoming a cog America’s corporate machinery

2) Last week, a Duke City woman was charged with aggravated assault after she attacked _________________.

a) A pair of repo men trying to repossess her BMW

b) Two emissaries from the 53rd dimension

c) The NMSU Aggies basketball team

d) A local blogger whose latest entry was way too long to read

3) A veteran Santa Fe police officer was recently charged with ________________ in state district court.

a) Eating too many donuts

b) Sleeping on the job

c) Harassing motorists

d) Time card fraud

4) Which Nob Hill restaurant is the latest to go out of business here in Burque?

a) Cosmo Tapas

b) Martini Grille

c) Nu Asia Vegan

d) Milton’s

5) What new food and drink outlet recently opened in the Northeast Heights?

a) Seagull Street

b) Garduño’s

c) Yesterdave’s

d) Piñon Coffee House


1) C. After an online poll of students, charter school Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School chose a communism-themed prom this year. *Editor’s note: In light of unanticipated, vocal community backlash, the students who just democratically decided on a “prom-munism” theme are now throwing a prom-themed prom. Meta.

2) A. Cassandra Gore allegedly attacked the men assigned to reclaim her fancy German automobile. She sped away in the car afterwards and faced a judge this past Saturday.

3) D. Lieutenant Jason Wagner has worked for the Santa Fe Police Department for more than a decade. Wagner pled not guilty to four counts of time card fraud.

4) C. The vegan noodle house recently closed its doors after about a year in business. The site was formerly the home of the legendary Martini Grille and later Cosmo Tapas.

5) D. Piñon Coffee House, an offshoot of the New Mexico Piñon Coffee Co., specializes in New Mexican flavors.
Crib Notes: March 12, 2015

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Crib Notes: March 12, 2015

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Crib Notes: March 12, 2015


Crib Notes: March 12, 2015

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