Crib Notes: May 28, 2015

August March
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1) Although they are a fairly common sight in Albuquerque, there are no ____________________ in Old Town.

a) Hipsters

b) Panhandlers

c) Replicants

d) Smoke shops

2) Recently, Albuquerque public school educators burned their ___________________ to protest allegedly unfair evaluation systems.

a) Draft cards

b) Anatomical support devices

c) Evaluation reports

d) Beatles albums

3) In the midst of Albuquerque’s International district, there is a __________________ for sale.

a) Heap of trouble

b) Ton of junk

c) Gently used Suburban with huge chrome wheels that spin

d) Castle

4) A local man has been honored for his most excellent _____________________.

a) Mustache

b) Stash of Fantastic Four comic books

c) Cache of automatic weapons

d) Trash

5) Last Thursday a man wearing a big wig and fake beard entered an Albertsons supermarket in the Northeast Heights and attempted to _________________________.

a) Perform vocal works by Benjamin Britten

b) Eat lots of meat

c) Rob the bank at the front of the store

d) Smoke a menthol cigarette


1) B. Due to the intervention of private security firms, there are no panhandlers working the streets of Old Town.

2) C. Teachers who are unhappy with the evaluation system used to judge their effectiveness burned copies of their report outcomes in front of APS headquarters last week.

3) D. John Cosgrove built the 4,000-sq.-ft. home and castle for his wife many years ago. Now it’s up for sale.

4) A. Troy Rivas, a local realtor has stepped up to fill the position of “Robert Goulet Mustached American of the Year.”

5) C. Local police are on the lookout for an individual who allegedly attempted to rob the Wells Fargo branch inside Albertsons on Lomas late last week.
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