Crib Notes: Nov. 13, 2014

August March
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Crib Notes: Nov. 13, 2014
( Wes Peck )
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1) Etsy co-founder Jared Tarbell just opened up a ________________ in downtown Albuquerque.

a) Restaurant

b) Private prison

c) Meth factory

d) Digital fabrication facility

2) The Department of Veterans Affairs has appointed a new director for the New Mexico VA health care system. His name is __________________.

a) Carl Spackler

b) Judge Elihu Smails

c) Andrew Welch

d) Dr. Leonard McCoy

3) Months after an accident leaked radiation into the surrounding environment, ___ percent of the Waste Isolation Pilot Project is now accessible.

a) 10

b) 35

c) 60

d) 100

4) What athletics powerhouse beat the UNM Lobo football team this week?

a) The Boise State Broncos

b) The Appalachian State Mountaineers

c) The University of Massachusetts Minutemen

d) The Miami University Redhawks

5) Twin _______________ were recently born at the ABQ BioPark Zoo.

a) Replicants

b) Crocodiles

c) Synthetic snakes

d) Chimpanzees


1) D. Jared Tarbell and his wife Laurie recently opened Levitated Toy Factory in a renovated Downtown property.

2) C. Welch began his career as a VA dietician in San Antonio, Texas. Welch will be in charge of overseeing an annual budget of about $448 million.

3) C.  Although the site’s not due to reopen (per federal guidelines) until 2016, 60 percent of WIPP is now accessible to cleanup workers.

4) A.  The 7-2 Broncos came from behind—after the wolf pack blew a sizeable halftime lead—to spank the Lobos 60-49.

5) D. The zoo’s 38-year-old chimp Elaine gave birth to twins last week.
Crib Notes: Nov. 13, 2014

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Crib Notes: Nov. 13, 2014

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Crib Notes: Nov. 13, 2014

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