Crib Notes: Nov. 6, 2014

August March
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Crib Notes: Nov. 6, 2014
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1) Burque’s new nuisance abatement ordinance is aimed at stopping _______________.

a) “Johns” from seeking services from sex workers

b) State Fair-goers from eating corn dogs

c) Homeless individuals from spanging

d) Dogs from biting mail carriers

2) Last week a Santa Fe law enforcement official shot and killed _____________.

a) A mentally ill human who resisted arrest

b) A member of the Juárez Cartel

c) An extraterrestrial invader

d) A fellow officer with whom he argued

3) In exhibition play this weekend, the UNM men’s basketball squad beat ___________ with a score of 89-45.

a) The New Mexico State University Aggies

b) The Western New Mexico University Mustangs

c) The University of California at Santa Cruz Banana Slugs

d) The San Diego State Aztecs

4) The US Justice Department has finally issued a list of reforms aimed at fixing the city’s _________________.

a) Solid waste department

b) Gambling casino

c) “Blue meth” problem

d) Police department

5) A bunch of Atari video games unearthed from an Alamogordo landfill are now being sold on ________________.

a) TV

b) Facebook

c) eBay

d) The Moon


1) A. Humans who attempt to engage the services of sex workers will now face more severe criminal penalties.

2) D. Santa Fe County Deputy Sheriff Tai Chan allegedly killed coworker Deputy Jeremy Martin after a drunken argument.

3) B. The Lobos trounced the Mustangs, and they face off against Adams State this Sunday at The Pit.

4) D. The US Department of Justice announced mandatory reforms on Friday, Oct. 31, aimed at ending the culture of violence associated with APD.

5) C. The Tularosa Historical Society is behind the eBay sale.
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