Crib Notes: Oct. 16, 2014

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Slice Cheese Pizza
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1) Burqueños will soon be able to indulge their passion for pizza at a second, Heights location of _________________.

a) Shakey’s Pizza

b) Satriale’s Pork Store

c) Carmen’s Chicago Pizza

d) Godfather’s Pizza

2) Top VA hospital administrators stationed in New Mexico received ______________ in the midst of serious complaints about lapses in care at their facilities.

a) Pink slips

b) Free passes to a local casino

c) Bonus pay

d) Their marching orders

3) During a domestic dispute, a local man allegedly threw _____________ at his girlfriend.

a) A slow cooker full of hot food

b) A stein full of expensive craft beer

c) Brown rice, seaweed and a dirty hot dog

d) The kitchen sink

4) A Burque-based medical marijuana company just opened a branch __________________.

a) In Las Cruces, N.M.

b) Near Highgate Cemetery

c) On the moon

d) Somewhere in Tibet

5) After a short delay caused by manufacturers, UNM Hospital is now able to offer citizens the __________ vaccine.

a) Ebola

b) Dengue fever

c) Malaria

d) Influenza


1) D. Godfather’s Pizza will soon open a new location in the Heights. The new restaurant should open in December 2014.

2) C. Some embattled administrators and senior executives of the Veteran’s Affairs hospitals in New Mexico received bonuses last year.

3) A. Matthew Brown, 37, was charged with three counts, relating to child abuse and criminal destruction of property, after the alleged slow cooker dispute.

4) A. Peace Medical Marijuana Consultants has set its sights on Las Cruces medical marijuana card holders.

5) D. UNM Hospital is now offering the flu vaccine at shot clinics.
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