Crib Notes: Oct. 17, 2013

August March
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Crib Notes: Oct. 17, 2013
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1) Last week,
The Hollywood Reporter broke a story on the upcoming local funeral for a fictional teevee character. Of whom did they write?

a) Salvatore Bonpensiero

b) Susan Biddle Ross

c) Jimmy Joe Jeeter

d) Walter White

2) What corporate tech giant is poised to open a call center in Burque?

a) Canon ITS

b) Gray Matter Technologies

c) CA Technologies

d) The Cryptic Corporation

3. Who opened for the Dodgers in their 1-0 game 2 loss against the Cardinals on Saturday?

a) Sandy Koufax

b) Orel Hershiser

c) Clayton Kershaw

d) Fernando Valenzuela

4) Cargo inspectors in Mombasa, Kenya were horrified when they discovered a container full of ________________ at their port, recently shipped from China.

a) Halloween props

b) Copies of Mao’s “little red book”

c) Humboldt County high-grade

d) Methylamine

5) Who handily won the battle for Mayor in last week’s municipal election?

a) David Cargo

b) Richard Berry

c) Marion Barry

d) Ken Schultz


1) D. On Saturday, Oct. 19, 2013, Sunset Memorial Park will be the scene of
a funeral for Walter White. Proceeds from the admission fee will benefit Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless.

2) A. Dan Mayfield, a reporter at
Albuquerque Business First reports Canon ITS will “locate a call center in Albuquerque and hire 150 workers in the next three years.”

3) C. Though the Cards only eked out two hits against Kershaw,
they still beat Los Angeles, extending the Dodgers’ NLCS scoreless streak to 19 innings.

4) A. According to
Standard Digital News of Kenya, the scary cargo included “fake skulls, skeletons, and limbs.”

5) B. Richard Berry was reelected mayor in a landslide victory.
Crib Notes: Oct. 17, 2013


Crib Notes: Oct. 17, 2013

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